Accessories for rebuildable RTA's, RDA's, RDTA's. Also building kits, coils master kits, volt meters, ohm meters etc


Coil Master Kit V3

1 x Diagonal pliers

1 x Needle-nose pliers

1 x Stainless steel folding scissors

1 x Pen styled Phillips screwdriver

1 x Pen styled Flathead screwdriver

1 x Ceramic Tweezer (T1)

1 x Elbow Tweezer (T3)

1 x 10 ft 24 GA Kanthal A1 Wire

1 x 521 Mini Tab

1 x Coiling Kit V4

1 x Silicon rubber case for jigs

1 x T styled HEX screwdriver (◇1.25mm, ◇1.5mm, ◇2.0mm)

3 x Japanese Organic Cotton

That’s pretty much everything you’ll need to build your first coils.


However you will need an 18650 battery for the 521 Mini Tab – this is the ohm reader.

Additional Information

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